Friday, March 9, 2012

Myah's simple excitment

Today was about as good as it gets for taking 3 children (ages 4 and under) out in public. We went to the chiropractor first, then a short trip to Sam's to pick up some supplies before heading back to the homestead. As we were entering the interstate, the girls in unison decided they were hungry and began everything short of chanting McDonald's. Of course for Myah it's just "aahhhh ahhhhhh mamamama dadadadada aahhhh." So we choose.....Bojangles. And very glad we did too, that is now my all time favorite chicken place and pretty much all goodness. Back to the story though, so we are in Bojangles and Alane is doing the super mommy thing of running the kids to the bathroom one at a time, because we all know toddlers will go when you want them to. Once Alane and her mom bring the food to the table the girls target their first course and are overly excited about jelly packets. The paper/cardboard plates begin to get passed around and Myah is simply watching and observing from her spot in the high chair,waiting for something to come close enough for her to make her move to grab it. We notice we have an extra plate so Myah get's to have one (an empty one)sit in front of her. Once the plate is placed in front of her she quickly grabs it with both hands while wrinkling up her nose and shrugging her shoulders with a big smile and such excitement. Then the happy bounce happens. It was as if she had never had a plate of her own before, or she just enjoys the free things in life like a cardboard plate. Either way, it was awesome.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So much for weekly.....but i will try still

Each night, Alane and I read to the girls before they go to bed. We usually have time for 2 or 3 books then the bible. Of course when Alane and I sit down on their beds and look up Emma and Mikaela have an arm load of books walking towards us even after we told them "only 2" or "only 3". Of course there are many favorites of the girls, but Emma really likes this lady bug one that counts down and rhymes. Mikaela is getting pretty good and memorizing it too, but she has sort of memorized her own version. The book starts out "9 little lady bugs sitting on a gate...." and works it was down a number each page and with a different setting each time. As we were reading Mikaela is trying to say it with me and so number three goes like this, " 3 little lady bugs drinking up DUDE....". Wait a minute. That's supposed to say drinking up dew. Where in the world....And all you can do is smile.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Goals for this year!!!

Hey everyone! My goal for this year is to post at least once a week about what's going on in our lives out here in East Tennessee. We had a great time seeing everyone over thanksgiving. Hope this year is a great one for all of you!!

We will start of this year with a cute story.
Mikaela loves watching beauty and the beast. Today for rest time, we watched it twice in a row before the chiefs game came on. During the first time through, Mikaela was sitting on the couch trying to sing the songs along with the movie and very proud of herself when she would get a few words right. The second time through Emma had woke up from her nap and the two girls were getting into the dress clothes and putting outfits together that resembled what "Bell" was wearing in the movie. Mikaela came out dressed as "Bell" during the singing in the village part and Emma came out with a different dress, just wanting to twirl around. Mikaela looks at Emma and says "that's the dress for the snow." I was a little puzzled not knowing what a snow dress was, but just happened to glance at the TV and saw the part where "Bell" and the "Beast" are having a snow ball fight and saw what dress Bell was wearing and put two and two together. Mikaela had a wardrobe picked out for each part of the movie.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Daddy's voice

I had the opportunity to preach this last Sunday. I always enjoy a chance to share God's word. I start into the sermon and have a great time up there sharing and I actually stuck to the outline this time all the way through! I knew Alane wanted to stay in there the whole time for the sermon, but she was holding Myah because we forgot a pacifier and she was needing to eat soon. I notice Alane was in the sanctuary as I started, but she had to leave a few minutes into the sermon. I continue on just thinking that she had to feed Myah. After the service we all meet in the lobby area and it's fun to have the girls run up to me and give hugs and show me what all they did. We make our way through the parking lot and climb into the truck. As we are leaving the parking lot Alane asks me if I could hear Myah when I started preaching. I told her I really couldn't hear much of anything cause I also played drums that morning. Apparently, whenever I started talking, Myah started talking to trying to find where I was. When I paused for a moment, Myah would stop too. Then, when I would continue, Myah started right back up, getting louder and louder. Alane had to eventually take her out of the sanctuary so she wasn't a distraction.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Already a football fan

It has become quite the ordeal to get the girls dressed to go anywhere. They have their favorite clothes and shoes and it's difficult to get them to see anything else in their closet. One particular day of getting Mikaela dressed for wednesday night church, I was assisting in the process and put socks on her and she pulled them all the way up to the knees (or as far as they will go). I push them down around the top of her ankles and start to put her shoes on and she looks at me and says "NO! I want them up like a football player!" I had to gather myself and not laugh in her face because she was dead serious as she looked at me. So when she walked out of the room I had to inform Mommy the reason the socks were up. She was very proud to wear them that way the rest of the evening. Makes me proud!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Animal Anatomy (let your mind wonder where this is going)

We live on a private road with other families that have land. The two on either side of the drive as we leave our road have horses. We sometimes stop to pet them if they're by the fence since I can pull the truck right up to the fence and roll down the window. Yesterday, as I was leaving I was waiting for a text message so I stopped by the horses to make sure I wouldn't lose signal. As we sat there listening to VBS music, Mikaela and Emma both singing along, Mikaela looks over at a horse and says "look at that poopie" and starts to laugh. I'm thinking to myself how odd that she would laugh at that unless it was happening at that moment. I look at the horse and don't see anything coming out the back of it, or on the ground. My mind is wondering what she is talking about. She then starts to point out the "poopie" to Emma. So I ask Mikaela "where do you see the poopie?" To which she says "It's right there by it's tummy." I look over at the tummy of the horse and see that it is a male horse and that is not poopie! My eyes as wide as can be and my mind quickly moving to emergency distraction mode I drive off and crank up the music. It is too early for that talk.

Quite the cowgirl

Mikaela really likes to play dress up and pretend she is all kinds of characters. It's fun to join in on some of her wild stories and situations even though half the time I have no clue what is actually happening. This one particular adventure happened earlier this week as Alane and I were sitting at the dining room table just after dinner. As usual we let the girls down from the table to run off energy and they happily sprint around table, lap after lap, squealing. Sometimes they run from monsters, sometimes it's a race, other times it's a round up. Yeah, that's right a round up. This night, Emma takes off out of the shoot and Mikaela goes into cowgirl mode and grabs the nearest rope/string. She starts to pursue Emma swinging the rope over her head with the look in her eyes of determination. As my tired mind finally registers what is going on out of the corner of my eyes, I was able to stop Mikaela just before she roped her sister.